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25 Roaring Jurassic Crafts Kids Can Do

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Since it’s release, Jurassic World has been talked about just about everywhere. With all the excitement, many (myself included) are planning Jurassic World themed parties and to help you get started planning yours, I put together this collection of 25 Roaring Jurassic World Party Ideas! Just watch out for those raptors, I’ve heard they have a mind of their own!

25 jurassic world crafts for kids

25 Roaring Jurassic World Party Ideas

  1. Let your kids explore, stomp, and romp around in the garden with these Dinosaur Garden Markers. You can even make them as party favors!
  2. You need your party punch to pack a….well, punch! Give this Jurassic Dinosaur Punch a try!
  3. If you didn’t think kids could bathe with the dinosaurs, think again! These Dinosaur Bath Salts would make great party favors. Just remind kids not to eat them (although, they could and be just fine! Besides the dinosaur toys of course.).
  4. You can’t have dinosaurs without the eggs they hatch fun. Have a crafting spot for kids to make their own painted dinosaur egg rocks!
  5. This Dilophosaurus Spitter Goo will keep the kids busy for hours!
  6. While the kiddos are busy with the goo, the adults can kick back and enjoy this Jurassic World Indominus Rex Cocktail.
  7. These teeny, tiny Dinosaur Soaps would be so cute to put in treat bags!
  8. Serve your guest some stompelicious (see what I did there?) Dinosaur Footprint Cookies! (I love these, too!)
  9. Have the little one’s make their own Dinosaur Fossils to take home!
  10. This Dinosaur Bones Craft is super cheap and easy making it a fun party activity!
  11. I’ll admit, these Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs are roaringly fantastic! Again another adorable party favor idea.
  12. Keep the kids cool and make a game out of Dinosaur Frozen Fossils.
  13. These Dino Eggs Treat Bags are so cute and they even come with a fun (and free) printable!
    jurassic world crafts
  14. Need a fun activity? Have a table set up for guests to make these DIY Jurassic World T-shirts.
  15. Beware, this Raptor Punch might lure the raptors in. The only way to get them out, is with the raptor alpha himself…
  16. Let kid’s dig through this Amber Fossil Slime to uncover bugs encased millions of years ago!
  17. Eating Dinosaurs is a thing right? Well then, here is some cute Dino-Bites Snack Packs and Printables!
  18. These Jurassic World Coasters are totally cute and perfect for a party!
  19. Serve up these edible Dinosaur Eggs! They are totally cool looking!
  20. A Dinosaur party tray? How brilliant and fun!
  21. Dinosaur Fossil Soap is a perfect party favor for the older kids and even the adults!
  22. I am sure these Jurassic Dino Doodoo Bites taste so much better than they sound!
  23. How cool would it be to blow out these Rock ‘n Roar Dino Candles?
  24. Keep everyone busy and looking dino-rific with these Printable Dinosaur Masks.
  25. You can complete your entire look with these Free Jurassic World Printables!

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  1. Hello Brittanie,
    I was wondering if you could tell me what you used to make the dinosaur candles out of? It looks as though the candles are sitting in toy dinosaurs.. Thank you, Lindsey

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