30+ Homemade Slime Recipes

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Slippery, ooky, gooky, gloppy, dribbly, oozy, stretchy, wondrous slime. It’s the stuff that made Ghostbusters my go-to movie as a kid, and yet today it’s somehow so much cooler than it even was back then (and it was WAY cool back then). Probably the coolest cool thing about it? You can make it at home. And it’s F A N T A S T I C!!!! Here are 30+ Homemade Slime Recipes for your gross and amazing pleasure. Have fun!

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  • This 8-Bit Borax Free Slime is crunchy and awesome. It’s geeky, it’s gooey, and most of all it’s Video Game Slime! You have to have it!
  • Edible Hot Cocoa Slime! Oh, my disgusting happiness! How I’ve waited all my life to hold this magnificent chocolatey, gooey mess in my hands. I shall squeeze you, and stretch you, and lick you, and love you forever and ever.
  • Magnetic Slime looks like something Darth Vader would sneeze if he had a cold, but once your kids use magnets to make it dance, no one will care which villainous orifice it came out of.
  • So maybe I shouldn’t eat this Jello Play Dough, but it smells so delicious I may not have a choice. Plus, it totally IS edible. Anyone want to pass the crackers?
  • Speaking of edible, this Edible Rainbow Slime is perfect for the little ones who put everything in their mouths. No Borax, and the main ingredient is a lot more ‘regular’ than I ever expected.
  • This Clear Bat Slime will fly through your kids fingers as they gather bats and let them fall. Seriously, you’ve Gotham to be kidding me with how fun this is.
  • I’m pretty sure this Glitter Salt Dough is what Barbie’s kitchen looks like when she bakes for the holidays.
  • Anyone with a non-potty trained kiddo can make this 3-Ingredient Glop today. Anyone else might need to take a trip to the store. Either way, this oozy, gooey, slimy non-slime is guaranteed to give you days of slippery fun.
  • I Really want to eat this Chocolate Stretchy Slime, but it’s cool to play with (and smell, oh the smells!) even if I can’t eat it. Someone ooze me an edible version of this, though. I’m just sayin’.
  • If Slimer had this Calming Slime back in the day, I’m not sure the Ghostbusters movie would have even happened. Luckily, we have it now…and it is the slime that puts the “Ahh” in “Ohh, Ahh.”
  • Love the idea of calm, but not slime? Stress-Away Dough is what you knead.
  • The luck of the Irish will be strong in you when you play with this sparkly Lime Jello Glitter Dough.
  • Who says mud has to be dirty? Gooey Mud is good, clean fun for the germaphobe inside us all.
  • 2-Ingredient Slime Dough looks like the stuff right out of an alien sci-fi movie, which is, like, out of this world cool!
  • What could be more fun than super stretchy, gooey, oozing Sand Slime? Just try to make a castle with this goopy stuff. Go ahead, I dare ya.
  • Waay up on Gook-A-Pook mountain a dragon got a cold. And every time that dragon sneezed, this Gooey Slime Dough rained down on the people below. Gross, but oh so fun to play with. Seriously, they should just call this dragon snot and leave it at that.
  • What’s cooler than straight-up slime? Ocean Swirl Glitter Slime with plastic ocean animals hidden inside.
  • No one will want to let go of this Frozen Silly Putty. They’ll sing, they’ll stretch, they’ll dance around, but no one will be letting it go.
  • Get your pom pom’s out, it’s time to make Polka Dot Slime! This super stretchy slime looks like a game of Twister gone slimy. Cool does not even begin to properly describe.

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  • If you’re like me and spent hours sniffing scented markers back in the day (don’t judge, you know you did it), this Cotton Candy Dough is for you! Just don’t taste it. Not even a little. Trust me. (Not that seven-year-old me ever licked a marker or two…)
  • Have you ever wanted to hold the universe in a jar? 4-Ingredient Glowing Slime is exactly like that. Play with it outside all day, let it soak up those rays, then jar it and watch the universe come out in the dark.
  • Coconut Oil Cloud Dough is light, fluffy, and leaves your hands feeling so amazingly soft. This cloud dough has a serious silver lining.
  • Who, when they were little, didn’t want to feel like a million bucks? Silver and Gold Slime is like watching liquid money ooze from your fingers. It’d be easier breaking into Fort Knox than not playing with this oozy, gooey awesomeness.
  • Fairies like playing in the mud, too. Especially this Fairy Mud which is filled with flower petals and glitter. This one is good, clean fun with an enchanting twist!
  • If you loved winter, (and who didn’t, considering how long it stuck around for) then this Winter Snowflake Slime is the slippery ooze you’ll want to play with all summer. Play in the snow, but not the cold.
  • Need more wintery (but not freezing) fun? Check out this Super-Strong Snow Slime. It’s a less oozy version of an old favorite. Slimy, but not gooey. I approve.
  • And now we travel to a Galaxy in a Jar not so far away. If Kirk and Spock ever really were kids (I still have my doubts), I think this is what they would have stared at while imagining their future time on the USS Enterprise. Live long and prosper, my space dreaming peeps.
  • Think learning the ABC’s should be child’s play? We agree! Alphabet Slime is the ooest, gooest version of letter-learning you’ll ever lay your hands on.
  • Anyone remember Flubber? I’m pretty sure Fluff Slime was Flubber’s dad. Seriously. Fluffy slime. How flippin’ cool is fluffy slime!?!
  • Does your little monster live for Monster’s Inc? Then they’ll love this Glow in the Dark Slime. Slip this one into their play arsenal and dream about Mike with a cold. Ewesome!
  • Red Hot Valentines Slime smells like sweet cinnamon. Sweet oozy, gooey, drippy cinnamon. It’s like a valentine exploded in a bowl.
  • Tired of stinky slime? Try this Peppermint Goo instead! *Note: No peppermint forests were cut down in the making of this slime. And if you don’t know, peppermint forests are where Andes Mints grow wild. Also, no Andes Mints were harmed in the making of this slime.
  • Fairies love Fairy Dough. It’s true. Especially Strawberry-scented fairy dough that leaves their hands soft and sweet smelling even after they play is done.
  • Glow Jars are easy to make. So much easier than catching fireflies and fairies. Plus, you don’t have to worry about feeding it or poking those messy holes in the lid (everyone knows fairies know how to get out of those holes…those crafty little beasties!).

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Want more? Check out this recipe for Orange Glittered Slime!

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