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You Can Get A Seashell Succulent Planter And It Is Gorgeous

Y’all have to see this gorgeous seashell succulent planter we found right on the Etsy website! Gah!!

I have jumped with two feet into the little succulent craze! I first dabbled with a succulent from Trader Joe’s.

That did the trick. I now have SO many succulents around my house, and I love them all. I got my last succulent at Aldi, where they have had a massive selection lately!

But, THIS might be the coolest succulent holder I have so far seen. It is a real seashell, and it’s BIG — about 7 inches wide!

Then, inside the seashell, there is a whole BOUQUET of succulents, and it is simply stunning!

This gorgeous whelk shell explodes with a variety of tiny, colorful succulent floral blossoms, making a lasting impression as a gift or in your own home.

SorellaMinchella on Etsy

Wouldn’t these succulent shells be SPECTACULAR as centerpieces at a beach wedding. OMG — BEAUTIFUL!

You might go to the SorellaMinchella shop on Etsy, and it just might say SOLD OUT. But, don’t let that deter you. She makes custom pieces, so it is very possible that you could still get one of these cool shell succulent holders.

With proper care and maintenance, the arrangement will last for months. Care instructions are provided with the arrangement, so you or your gift recipient will know just what to do. 

SorellaMinchella on Etsy

You can get this beautiful succulent filled shell from the SorellaMinchella store on Etsy. There is no price listed, but you have to contact the seller directly to discuss custom pieces.

If you go to the SorellaMinchella website, and sign up to be a VIP customer, you can get 10% off your next purchase. YES, PLEASE!!

Mary Minchella

Wednesday 5th of August 2020

Amanda! THANK YOU~ How wonderful of you to feature my succulent shell listing.

It's true that these have been unavailable since May, but because of all the buzz you've created I'm putting them up on the site today and they'll be available for pre-order. They'll ship about 6 days from any order placed. Each one is a little work of art so they take some time to make.

You may also want to check out my Breakup and Divorce gifts - I have a little line of cactus Prick-Me-Ups that can give someone a good chuckle if they are going through a rough time.

Love your Blog! I'm already a fan having poked around to see a few of your posts. Thanks again and please feel free to reach out to me directly to collaborate. :) I'll be mentioning you on my IG today. Thanks again for the shout out!

-Mary Minchella SorellaMinchella