My Love Hate Relationship with the Cell Phone

I’m a nosy person. I pretend like I don’t give a crap what’s going on around me, but dammit. I do.

That’s why, when someone takes a phone call in the coffee shop, I am pretty much screwed. Here’s the thing– I don’t answer my phone in the coffee shop. It’s all loud in here, and it just doesn’t really seem like the right place to talk to anyone–business or no.

I actually hate talking on the phone to pretty much everyone except my mom. I am all about the texting, though– don’t get me wrong. If you saw the ridiculousness that is my texting every month, you’d probably make fun of me.

What I want to know though, is– why does the guy next to me insist on making a sale via his cell in the middle of Starbucks? I am just trying to write a damn book, and he’s got me all interested in lighting fixtures.


I don’t know– but dammit… I do.

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