5 Minute Teacher Gift for Under 5 Dollars

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It never hurts to bribe your kid’s new teacher a little bit on the first day of school with a sweet little teacher gift. We aren’t talking anything elaborate or over the top here, just something that lets the teacher know you appreciate all the hard work they are about to put into your child. But, back to school time is expensive already, so for the past few years I’ve been giving teachers this super simple back to school teacher gift filled with Sharpie markers.

The best part? It costs me less than five dollars a teacher.

back to school sharpie teacher gift #sharpiebts

See? That’s it. All you do is stick a few Sharpies into a water bottle for the perfect back to school teacher gift.

I got the water bottles at the dollar store, and I used about half a package of Sharpies per gift.


A couple of tips, when you’re putting the sharpies into the water bottle, make sure you stick them in one at a time so that they tilt around the bottle and look cool.

sharpies all mixed up from top view

Swirl them around a little so they look super cool inside the water bottle. I like to put my Sharpies in facing up because I think they look neater that way.

sharpie pens inside a water bottle

I have been giving this to teachers since my daughter was in Kindergarten. It’s so cheap to make that I might never stop! What teacher doesn’t love Sharpies and a brand new water bottle? (The answer is no teacher. Teachers are total suckers for school supplies and it’s thirsty work taking care of all those kids!)

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