Holy Crap I NEED to Update!

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Wow! It has been SO long since the last blog update! I SUCK! I have had so much going on. We finally have our house all back to ourselves, and I am not gonna lie… that is nice! I so love my little family, and I love all the awesome times we have together. I am teaching my Dad book tomorrow… I don’t have a very big class this month, and honestly… that is a good thing, with everything we have going on I needed a little bit lighter load this month. I need to get to crackin on my star book though… cause Heather is making me turn them in one day earlier than normal… and she knows how I like to wait ’til the last minute! 😛

Ya know… I was reading the Elsie Flannigan Blog again tonight…. and I have to say… I think she is a super talented scrapbooker, and I love seeing her work, but I am SO tired of looking at layouts she does of herself… I don’t even mind the ones she does of her with friends… but these layouts that are just her… over and over and over again… isn’t that getting to be a little ridiculous? I mean come on scrap a picture of a flower or something LMAO…

Anyway… rant off… I need to go to bed. It is almost two… and two is my bedtime…. so night all!

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  1. Man, that’s a bad ass photo of your class project. Someone must be good around that store… ha ha ha ha

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