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Target Is Selling A Magical Genie Lamp That Has Mist So You Can Bring A Little Magic To Your Home

After watching the classic Disney tale of Aladdin as a kid, we all have wished to come across a magical, antique lamp that would suddenly export a phantom genie that would present us with three wishes.

Although now thinking back, my wishes have certainly changed since I was a kid and currently as an adult!

Regardless of how you would use your three wishes, whether it would be to wish for a new car, world peace or money, Target is selling a magical lamp that won’t give you a genie, but will surely spook your guests on Halloween night.

Courtesy of Target

Designed to have a rustic texture, this lamp will have guests, friends, and family members asking if it’s okay to rub the lamp for a magical and wishful genie.

Courtesy of Target

However, instead of a genie appearing, magical mist will begin to show when the lamp is rubbed and from there, the imagination of everyone else in the room will do the rest of the talking.

You can currently get the magical and misty lamp at Target for $30.

Cortesy of Target

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