You Can Get A 4-Pound Jar Of Ghoul Mix M&M’s At Sam’s Club For Just $10 And I’m On My Way

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After all these years, M&M’s are still the number one candy that people choose to purchase! But that’s not really a big surprise, considering they give us new flavor and color scheme with every opportunity they get!

So they, of course, came out with the best color combos for the upcoming Halloween season! Green, purple, and orange M&Ms make up the amazing M&M’s Milk Chocolate Ghoul’s Mix!


And the best news? You can get this in a four pound jar. Seriously, four pounds of amazing Halloween candy?! Yes please! And it’s even available in Peanut M&M‘s form if that’s what you fancy! (I’m more of a Dark Chocolate M&M’s fan myself!)


These would be amazing as a candy dish centerpiece for Halloween or as a spooky cookie recipe! I personally would like to try them in some sort of ice cream! (But that’s just me with my ice cream obsession!) My son is obsessed with Halloween so I can only imagine all the fun treats I can make with these!


And if the cool colors and different options wasn’t enough to entice you, this is only $10! Yes, this is not a typo. Ten bucks for four pounds of M&M’s seems completely worth it! And yes, if you don’t want the spooky colors, they have the four pound tubs of these in the regular colors as well!


The jar is easy to reseal and you can re-purpose it or refill it with more M&M’s! I’m not seeing a bad side of this deal except maybe a sugar high! This jar has a 62 serving size, so it should be perfect for any Halloween party, or trick or treat bags! It also makes it perfect to have on hand for you potty training parents or for cooking Halloween recipes!

Sam’s Club

I love that even the lid has the classic M on it! I would definitely be reusing this container for M&M’s, even after the Halloween season is over!


So head over to Sam’s Club to get your hands on these special edition M&M’s! The regular milk chocolate flavor can be found here and the peanut version can be found here.


And before leaving, comment below and let us know which of the M&M’s flavor or color schemes have been your favorite so far!


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