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This App Allows Parents to Set Up a Phone Call With Santa If Their Kid Is Being Naughty

Santa Claus is almost finished his list expect for a few last minute finalizations considering the holiday season is nearly here.

And if your child hasn’t been listening to your pleas of reminding them to do finish chores or getting in trouble at school, did you know there’s an app that lets Santa talk to your kids directly?

Thanks to one mom @kandikrush0728 who posted this parenting hack on TikTok, apparently there’s an app you can download that allows for a quick chat with Santa if your kids are being naughty.

Courtesy of @kandikrush0728

And if they won’t listen to mom or dad, maybe they’ll pay attention to Santa.

Courtesy of @kandikrush0728

The app which allows Santa to ring your phone, features a short introduction before explaining why he’s calling.

Courtesy of @kandikrush0728

The phone call then follows with Santa explaining why your kids ended up on the naughty list and that there’s still a chance to end up on the nice list before Christmas.

It’s the elves who told him.

And better yet, this app is free, however there is a premium version you can pay for that includes a few more features that makes the phone call even more realistic.