This Little Robot Is An Automatic Pooper Scooper So You’ll Never Hear Your Kids Complain About Picking Up Poop Again

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We all love our cute little doggies. You know what we DON’T like? Walking them at eleven o’clock at night, and picking up after their efforts. Yes, I’m talking about their s***.

My new best friends — A.K.A. the people at Beetl Robotics — have designed a little robotic helper when it comes to dealing with your pooch’s earthy potpourri.

Via Beetle on YouTube

This little guy can sense when your dog — um — leaves a present on the lawn. I want to call it MAGIC, but it really has more to do with front and rear cameras, sensors, and some other stuff I really don’t understand.

Via Beetle on YouTube

When it senses the stink, this robot rolls right over the top of the turd. When it is positioned JUST RIGHT, the robot shoots its scooper out to pick up the poo.

Via Beetle on YouTube

The Beetl is smaller than a lawnmower, and super convenient for people that don’t want to go around picking the poop up off the lawn. I’m talking about me.

It is also a “smart” robot. It can tell when trees, and other obstacles get in its way. After you let it know the parameters of your yard, it learns the layout simply by rolling around. (Kind of like those self-propelled, round, electric vacuums that run around your house sweeping things up!)


Now, this little robot genius is not yet on the market, as it is still in the testing phase. I volunteer as tribute, if they need a yard to test the little guy on!


You can watch the video below to see the Beetl robot in action.

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