Oreo’s Mint Hot Chocolate Mix is Like a Party in Your Mouth

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Oh sweet nectar of the cocoa gods! What is this insane collaboration that is about to become a new addiction?

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Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa is a thing, and I just sent my husband to Walmart to find it.

You can make this delicious hot cocoa with hot water — or — you can get CRAZY, and make it super creamy by adding it to warm milk!


It doesn’t matter if you use the water or the milk, it mixes together easily, and transforms into a rich and delicious Oreo Hot Cocoa with a hint of Mint flavor!


MINT MEETS OREO MEETS HOT COCOA: This tasty beverage brings together three familiar flavors to create an entirely new flavor sensation in a hot cocoa powdered mix that’s simple to prepare in minutes! Talk about some serious next level hot chocolate!

Via Amazon

You might be able to find this delicious hot cocoa mix at your local grocery store, OR you can find it right on Amazon. Each box contains EIGHT packets of this rich, minty cocoa.


A DELICIOUS PAIRING: Oreo Cookie Crumble meets cool, minty dark cocoa to create a rich, creamy treat. This hot chocolate mix is easy to prepare: simply pour it into a mug, add water or milk, stir, and enjoy a delectable wintertime treat any time of year!

Via Amazon

I’m about to blow your mind right now — you can even dunk a delicious The Most Stuf Oreo into this Cocoa to give it an even richer, creamier Oreo flavor!


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