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This Grinch Swaddle Baby Is Adorable And I Need Him Now

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Are you looking for something unique to put under the tree this year? This Grinch inspired swaddle baby is perfect!


Everyone loves the Grinch, put him in baby form and I’m absolutely in love! All of that grinchy attitude in baby form and perfect for 2020!

This is perfect for all ages, in fact I think I love this more than most kids would! But, the Grinch is pretty popular for all ages as far as I can tell.

The Grinch swaddle baby doll is about 12-14 inches tall. That measurement does not include the hair height. He is also about 5 inches wide, the perfect size for cuddling.


The face is embroidered on, so no worries about a choking hazard with sewn on bead eyes or a sewn on nose. The body is made from fleece and his hair is made from faux fur.


The Grinch swaddle baby is filled with stuffing and his head even has a full-twisting motion, so you can position his head any way that you would like. The swaddle is not removable, so no need to worry about it getting lost.

This adorable Grinch baby is suitable for ages 3 all the way up through senior citizens! He’s sure to bring a ton of smiles to faces! You can buy your own Grinch swaddle baby from BraxtonHarperDesigns on Etsy!


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