You Can Get A Giant Bow That Attaches To Your House To Remind Your Kids Living In The House Is Their Real Gift

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It’s true when they say everything happens for a reason considering this TikToker’s ‘big’ mistake caught the attention of many ‘for your pages’.

Courtesy of @katie.gomes

Thanks to @katie.gomes who shared her mishap on TikTok which gained hundreds of thousands of views, this TikToker surely made lemons into lemonade.

Courtesy of @katie.gomes

After accidentally ordering a larger red bow than expected, Gomes decided to string the life-size bow right smack in the middle of her house for the holiday season!

Courtesy of Amazon

After a few rounds of teamwork with her husband carefully hanging the bow, this holiday decor won over TikTokers in the comment section, where other social media users were even asking where she originally ordered the bow so that they could do the same!

Courtesy of @katie.gomes

I mean, you can attach it to your house and remind your kids that living in your house is their real present. HA!

You can find the large bow in three different styles on Amazon this holiday season!

Courtesy of Amazon

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