Bath & Body Works Is Selling A 3-Wick Candle Holder Decorated With Glow In The Dark Ghosts

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this year Bath & Body Works is selling a ghostly candle holder that surely makes it look like ghosts are real.

This candle holder is made to store your three wick pumpkin latte smelling candle or the popular vampire blood fragranced illumination.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Whichever candle this decorative piece holds, keep in mind that your candle won’t be the only thing lit up in the room.

Courtesy of @sweetsmells19

Surrounding the entire candle, back and front are friendly dancing ghosts.

Courtesy of @spookscoop

Some are smiling while others are looking to scare!

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

At night, you can count on the cozy corner of your bedroom or the mantle above the kitchen sink to be lit up by a burning wax candle held by Casper the friendly ghost and friends.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

You can currently find the glow in the dark dancing ghosts candle holder at Bath and Body Works for $13 this spooky season.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

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