These Blackout Curtains Have Tiny Holes That Allow City Skylines To Show Up On Your Windows

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I’ve never been to New York. *Gasp* I know! I want to go SO badly.

Now, with these new blackout curtains, I can be transported straight to New York City. Through the whimsy of cool design, I can have the NY Skyline right in my home!

Courtesy of HoleRoll

These Blackout curtains, known as the HoleRoll, block out that bright sun, but through a series of little holes in the fabric, allow a super cool landscape to shine through.

Courtesy of HoleRoll

You can choose between three designs of the London skyline, and three designs of the New York skyline.

Courtesy of HoleRoll

You can also choose to get simply a night’s sky design. I totally need this one in my bedroom!

Courtesy of HoleRoll

Only the most high-quality materials are used in these roller blinds. German fabric has 0% light transmission, coated by antistatic and dustproof stuff, and from the back side it’s glossy and white, protecting the room from heating even in the hottest sunny days.

Courtesy of HoleRoll

Images that are used in “HoleRoll” have a high level of specification and correspond to existing landscapes.

Courtesy of HoleRoll

Not only do these crazy-cool curtains let the sun shine through the holes during the day, allowing the skyline to be seen, BUT they have the opposite effect at night. The house lights shine through the tiny holes, and you can see the skyline from the outside of the house! How freaking cool is that?!?

Courtesy of HoleRoll

The standard curtain is $29.99. But it’s intended for narrow windows so, wider windows can take up to three curtains.

Courtesy of HoleRoll

Add a touch of sophistication to your home, office or restaurant. Just imagine how pleasant to wake up in the afternoon and to see the shining night sky behind a window.

Courtesy of HoleRoll

You can get your own curtains right at the website, HERE.

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  1. How about a mountain scene and a river? Do you make other designs ? Please let me know where I can go to look and these curtains

  2. What are the measurements if the blinds? Are the a roll up or in a spring blind.

  3. What are the exact measurements. How are the blinds hooked up?

  4. Wow! Either Ottawa or Toronto (Ontario Canada) would be so appreciated! I love these.

  5. These are really beautiful! A great improvement over traditional blackout curtains. Can they tolerate sun on the patio?? We are in Texas. They would be terrific on the patio too!

  6. These are really beautiful! A great improvement over traditional blackout curtains.

  7. I really want a set of theses maybe two!
    Please tell me where to buy them at??

  8. Nashville please! I love the skyline with the Batman building!