Disney World Released A Pumpkin Spice Soft Serve and I Need It Now

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Can it just be Fall already? Everywhere is already celebrating Fall with pumpkin spiced food, even Disney is on board! In fact, Disney World Has Released A Pumpkin Spice Soft Serve and I Need It Now!


Last year Disney released this delicious treat at the Disney Alauni resort and now people are finding it inside Disney World. Yes, in August!


The Disney Food Blog posted on Facebook about this delicious find:


And based on those that have given this fall flavored treat a try, it seems to be GOOD!


The pumpkin soft serve ice cream is supposed to be a creamy dole whip like treat with pumpkin spice flavoring topped with candy corn and caramel syrup.

Right now, you can find it at Auntie Gravity’s inside Disney World.


It also seems to be available at the Disney Aulani resort although you need to ask for it as it doesn’t seem to be on the official menu.


I cannot wait to give it a try!! It looks so good!

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