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You Can Get A Flying Animatronic Dragon For Halloween And It’s Creepy Cool

Y’all. I found my NEXT Halloween decoration, and I LOVE it!!

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

Move over bats! Dragons are the hot Halloween decoration, and I’m obsessed.

There are so many cool dragon decorations out there this year! Seriously. I am so going to become the Mother of Dragon with all my “babies” in my yard!

Of course, you’ve undoubtedly already seen the fog breathing dragon that goes in your front yard.

Courtesy of Home Depot

Now, you can get this flying dragon, and OMG, I have to have it!!

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

This animatronic flying dragon is just about 4-feet long, and it moves and makes sound!

You are going to totally freak out all the passersby on Halloween!! Watch out, Trick or Treaters!!

This dragon decoration is serious business. Trust us. We’ve seen plenty of dragons in our lifetime and this one definitely ranks near the top of the list when it comes to creepy-looking lizards.

Halloween Costumes
Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

You can get your own animatronic, flying dragon at the Halloween Costumes website.

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

This scary flying dude will only cost you $75, which is AMAZING (IMHO) for a flying animatronic!!

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes