Here’s Why We Are All Having Trouble With The Concept Of Time Right Now

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What the heck day is it? I find myself wondering that more and more as the days tick by.

It is sometimes hard, especially NOW, when the days just start to bleed together into one.

What is today? Why, it’s Montuesnesursday, of course!

But, why is it so confusing?

Turns out, it’s a thing and it’s happening to well, everyone.

We don’t have our routines and cues that remind us what day it is.

Just like the sun reminds us that it’s daytime, and the dark sky reminds us that it’s night, we rely on cues to tell us what day it is.

We have work we get up and go to on Monday, we have meetings during the week on certain days, there’s boy scouts on Tuesday, Gymnastics on Thursday, and then, for many, there is church on Sunday.

BUT, all these things have been cancelled. And, working from home often means we just work all day, every day. There are, literally, no cues to clue us in to what day it is.

I mean, if I didn’t have my phone, with its calendar feature, I’d be in trouble!

Questions about the day of the week have become such a problem, news casts have started tongue-in-cheek segments about the day of the week. Ha!

It might be funny, but it is, legit, a needed thing. LOL!

If losing track of time is becoming a bit stressful, you aren’t alone.

This lack of “Cues” can cause anxiety, lack of sleep, and restlessness. We aren’t good at not having routines.

The pandemic is becoming a source of chronic stress given that it’s been going on for weeks, or even months for some people, she said. High stress levels impair our concentration and attention, and can affect short-term memory.


I mean that completely makes sense to me!

So, what can you do about it? Well, psychiatrists and psychologists recommend trying to maintain a sense of structure, to the extent possible.

These things include going to bed and waking up at the same time each day is one strategy. They also recommended taking frequent breaks, exercising, eating healthy and limiting news consumption.

That sounds like a lot right now, I think I’ll just stick to my daily shower and Netflix binge. Ha.

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