Kripsy Kreme Is Releasing Patriotic Donuts Just In Time For Those Fourth Of July Celebrations

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What could be more patrotic than red, white and blue colored treats? I say nothing!

Krispy Kreme

Well, Krispy Kreme is dishing up some serious Patriotic vibes because they are releasing Patriotic Donuts Just In Time For Those Fourth Of July Celebrations.

Sure, this year may be different and we may all just be home lighting off Fireworks with our own families but hey, it’s better than nothing, right?


Taste buds will be bursting in air with these new flavors: 

  • Patriotic Sprinkles Doughnut is a festive Original Glazed® doughnut, dipped in white icing and topped with red, white and blue sprinkles.
  • Strawberry Sparkler Doughnut is an Original Filled Strawberries and Kreme filling, dipped in red icing and topped with star sprinkles.
  • Original Filled Freedom Ring Doughnut is an Original Filled Original Kreme with flag decoration and star sprinkles.
  • Firework Doughnut is an Original Glazed doughnut, dipped in blue icing, hand decorated with red and white icing and topped with blue raspberry flavored popping candy.
Krispy Kreme

All of those sound SO GOOD omg!

These donuts are available now, through July 5th at participating U.S. shops. Don’t miss your chance to add some extra spark to your Fourth of July festivities! 

You can Order now for delivery or pickup today.
These doughnuts are not available in Canada shops.


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