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This Parent Christmas Present Hack Is So Genius, I Am Doing It With My Kids

This is such a cute idea for Christmas morning…

It couldn’t be any easier, and the kids are going to love it.

And, it only involves tape and wrapping paper — something we all have on hand this time of year.

This makes such a great idea if you still have gifts that you need to wrap Christmas eve.

It’ll keep the kids out, and let you do your Santa thing (maybe enjoy an adult hot chocolate while you’re at it) in peace.

There is one MUST for this Christmas Morning surprise.

There has to be a hallway in between the kids’ rooms and the room that holds the Christmas Tree.

So, here’s what you’re going to do…

You are going to measure the entryway between the hallway and the room that holds the Christmas Tree.

Then, you’re going to cut at least three strips of wrapping paper the width of that entryway.

Now, you want to carefully stretch that paper across the entryway, and tape it to the wall.

Make sure you are standing on the correct side that you want to end up on. LOL!

The goal here is to block the view of the Christmas Tree (and the parents wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve).

On Christmas Morning, the kids can break through the paper, and come into the room with the Christmas Tree.

Make sure you snap pictures of their smiles when they see all the gifts under the tree!!