Pink Champagne Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

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I think the little girl in all of us always picks up the pink eyeshadow at Sephora and feels like it’s just not wearable. Remember how we were just talking about that a few weeks ago? Well I have another, slightly more bold makeup tutorial using, you guessed it, Pink. But this time there is also a video tutorial. Cool, huh? Here’s a play-by-play on how you can do this pink champagne Valentine’s Day makeup.

valentines day makeup tutorial

See? It’s kinda subtle. Okay, not really. But it’s Valentine’s Day! This is your excuse to wear pink!

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Start by taking a matte beige shadow and blending it into your crease. I used Lazarus from the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette.


Now for the fun part! Take a bright pink shadow (I know it doesn’t look bright in the pictures, but once you see the video, you’ll see what I mean,), and blend that into the crease slightly overlapping he beige. The one I used is called Party Girl from Buxom. This is going to create a lovely gradient. Feel free to pretend you’re Bob Ross.

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Deepen the outer crease with a matte reddish brown. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Red Earth.

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

I used a deep brown eyeliner because using black would make the pink look too harsh. The brown is romantic and unexpected. This is called Hemmingway from Kat Von D.

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Add a champagne pink glitter to the center of your lid.

Add some mascara and/or lashes AAANNNND you’re a Valentine’s Day Queen!

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Check out the video tutorial below! Don’t forget to stay tuned for my dumb bloopers!

For a tutorial on the curls I am wearing in this video, click here!

Click the photo below to see how to do this Orange and Lavender Halo Eye!


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