Accessorizing Your LuLaRoe For Fall

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This last week fall has finally hit Texas. I saw a leaf fall. That counts. Yes, we still have the AC on, it’s still pretty darn hot, but a leaf fell so fall has finally arrived in Texas. The rest of the country is likely experiencing a much more pronounced fall season, so chances are you’re ahead of us. Still, I recently pulled out a lot of my fall and winter clothes, and I’m already starting to make outfits with my LuLaRoe stuff.


Accessorizing Your LuLaRoe For Fall

I feel like fall and winter are made for leggings. Seriously. Here in Texas it gets so hot that it can feel like you’re coated in hot butter if you go out in anything more than what you have to. But come fall and winter? Man, that’s legging weather! For some of you though, the winters are super cold and leggings alone just won’t cut it.

Think in layers! What about leggings under a Cassie skirt or a long Anna dress? I’ve seen some adorable looks with leggings and Carlys that I’d dying to rock. If it will just cool off a little bit more… And don’t discount wearing knee high socks over your leggings. Mix and match those patterns, throw a pop of color in there. Try something a little different. Lately I’ve seen some super cute Classic-T’s under a Perfect-T that are crazy cute looking.

Sweaters save me in the inter. I swear, I can’t keep long sleeve shirts around. They simply disappear. This winter I’m really hoping to get my hands on the LuLaRoe duster style sweater, the Sarah. It’s long and super snuggly looking. Perfect for wearing over your leggings for an added layer and a bit of warmth.

Another must have accessory for fall? Scarves. I knit a ton of scarves during the year just as something to do. I swear I have a scarf in every color on top of the neat, printed infinity scarves or shawls I own. These are great because you can just drape them around your shoulders for a stylish look, or wrap them tightly to, you know, actually be warm. I recently got a really neat scarf that has my book printed on it. Looking forward to rocking that this winter!

I’ve heard through through a couple of people that LuLaRoe is coming out with some sort of hybrid sweater-scarf and I’m super curious. I finally found this YouTube video of the debut and…I’m intrigued. How often do I walk around the winter wearing a throw blanket as a shawl? A lot! I might need one of what they’re calling the MiMi… Check it out!

When it comes to fall, one of the things I get the most excited about is…boots. Boots with leggings. Knit boots. Boots with dresses. Leather boots. Boots with jeans. Lace up boots. Boots! This is another way to really rock those leggings. I mean, leggings, boots, a cute Cassie or a Carly with a sweater? I cannot wait. Bring on the cooler weather because I have boots I want to wear!

I always feel like fall is the perfect time of year to break out my gold jewelry. From a pretty rose gold beaded headband to long, draping necklaces there’s something about the fall that makes me think–gold. Yeah, most people are probably into the browns and greens and oranges and autumn reds…and I’m over here wanting to rock gold sparkly boots. Or, should I call them…saffron? What can you do?

What are your favorite fall accessories or LuLaRoe styling tips?

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