LuLaRoe Leggings: An Introduction To Their Clothes, Review And Suggestions For Styling

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So far we’ve covered what LuLaRoe is and why some people feel their clothing is worth the price tag. Today I want to run down what they offer in leggings, some basic reviews and what to expect, and a few styling suggestions, tips and tricks. Just in case you didn’t know yet, LuLaRoe is LIFE and throughout this post you’ll see #HowIRoe. I want to invite you to click on the word LuLaRoe throughout this post to see how other people Roe! Have fun!


LuLaRoe Leggings: An Introduction To Their Clothes, Review And Suggestions For Styling


The thing that really put LuLaRoe on the map was their trademark, buttery soft leggings. And they are everything that is right in the world. These are probably the first thing in every LuLaRoe addict’s collection. These are what hook you into the company and keep you coming back. Some people start with a simple pair of black leggings…and then explode to 20, 40 or 60 pairs before much longer, and give up jeans.

Personally, I haven’t worn jeans but a time or two since discovering the leggings in February. A lot of people want to claim there are rules about who and how and where you can wear leggings, but I say FORGET THAT NOISE! Be comfortable. Wear leggings.

The adult leggings come in two sizes, One Size (OS) and Tall and Curvy (TC). One Size fits up to about a size 12, maybe a size 14. Tall and Curvy are more forgiving, though if you aren’t tall there’s a bunch of fabric left over. The heathered leggings fit a tad bit smaller from what I’ve heard. I clearly need to investigate this claim…

A couple ways to wear the leggings if they’re too long:

  1. Roll them or cuff them, just like you would jeans. I actually really like this look with sneakers!
  2. Make them into capris. This is achieved by putting the ankle hole above the calf and folding the remainder fabric down as far as it will go for a smooth, peddle pusher look. Sometimes I can’t do this if an ankle hole is too tight, so play with your leggings.

I Roed the whole vacation long… #LuLaRoe

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Something to keep in mind is that there are the adult leggings, but there are also sizes for Tweens and Kids. While the adult and tween leggings cater toward (but certainly aren’t exclusive to) women and girls, there are many many patterns of the kids’s leggings that look adorable on boys or girls. The tweens fit sizes 8-14, and the kids have two sizes that fit between 2T all the way up to size 12. I don’t have any kiddo’s who wear the leggings, but if you visit the AKA LuLaRoe Facebook page there are tons of pictures that customers have sent in of themselves, their children, and sometimes even their husbands rocking the roe.

I hope these posts have been helpful to you! Don’t forget to check out my other LuLaRoe posts by searching LuLaRoe at the top of the page, and comment below to tell me how YOU Roe!!

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  1. I was a member of this group until I said something about not being able to see things on Facebook until after it was too late to buy anything because she was already sending out invoices. She then abruptly and rudely kicked me out of the group. Who needs people like her? If she is gonna get upset over a simple comment then she really does not need to be in business. She has some really cute stuff that I would have liked to buy but I will go elsewhere and tell everyone how she treated me. ??