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‘Raptor Claws’ Are The Hot New Nail Trend And I Have So Many Questions

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There are some nail trends that are simply fire.

Christmas Nails, Jelly Nails, Red Bottom Nails, and even Ultrasound Nails. These are all definitely nail trends that I would go straight to the beauty salon, and ask them to put on my nails.

But, there are some nail trends that I just don’t get.

Take, for example, the hot new nail trend: Raptor Claw Nails.

I have so many questions…

For starters, how do you, um – wipe? Lol

Raptor Claw Nails are kind of just what they sound like.

They stick up off the nail bed, and curl just like you’d expect to find on a giant velociraptor dinosaur.

These nails are straight-up Raptor Talons.

Erm. No. Call me old fashioned, but these Raptor Claw Nails are a big no for me.

I don’t know. They might be pretty cool for a one-time tribute — maybe to go to a viewing of Jurassic Park.

But, to wear them on a daily basis? Um…no.

What do you think? Would you try Raptor Claw Nails?

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