Christmas Nails Are The Hottest New Beauty Trend And They Are So Festive

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The color of your nails says a lot about you.

Beautiful girl showing black manicure nails . makeup and cosmetics

It’s truly like watching an artist paint when you sit in a nail salon and as an acrylic enthusiast, I have seen some masterpieces.


My absolute favorite time to get my nails done other than every two weeks is during the holidays and since Christmas is coming up, it’s time to get festive.


If you’re looking for something unique other than just getting red acrylics, here is some inspiration you can show your nail tech.


You can choose between candy canes, snowflakes, peppermint candy, and even gold glitter because we all know, Christmas is supposed to be filled with sparkles.


My personal favorite is the candy cane look, I like simple nails and this design is simple enough to wear and it doesn’t look too crowded on my nail.


Not to mention, some of these nails have some serious jewels included on the acrylic and I have to say, I kinda like it.


I know, I’ve surprised my own self for a simple gal.


Whether you favor the classic look such as a bold red or snowflakes and gold glitter, just make sure to match the holidays because Christmas only comes around once a year!


Oh, and don’t forget to thank your nail tech, they are extremely talented!


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