The Revenge of The Scrunchie

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted asking us to bring back the Scrunchie.

Well, it might have happened.

That’s right… I wrote something, and the powers that be made it happen.

Scrunchies are back–thanks to your truly.

*pauses for applause*

Okay, fine… maybe it’s not ALL THAT or whatever, but the good folks over at Hairflair Boutique saw my post–and get this….


Well, dude… when you get scrunchies in the mail… the only logical thing to do is try them out, right?

Dang… they are kind of cute.

But, you want to know the best part?

We didn’t lose them five seconds after taking them out of her hair….

Scrunchie: 1 Rubber Bands: 0

I believe we have a clear winner here.

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  1. I have a photo but no place to post it. Email me or DM your email to me @flowersbyfarha and I’ll email it to you.

    They are my preferred finding for my french-beaded flowers such as the second image in this listing:


    More expensive than the cheap ones available through bead/jewelry supply outlets, but better performance values and better looking, too. So I’d love to get a better variety and a more consistent source.

  2. Cool!

    Maybe you could blog about Scuncii expanding their No-slip grip hair clips style #37036-A in other color finishes? They have other no-slip grip colors, but those finishes chip.

    I’ve tried writing them directly but get no response to inquiry to find the right department/person to contact. (But then, for awhile, I couldn’t even this style/color seemed to be discontinued.)

    1. @Flowersbyfarha, Which ones are you talking about? I couldn’t find anything with that model number, and now I am UBER curious, heh. I LOVE LOVE the gel ones they make… they are crazy awesome and basically don’t move at ALL when I put them in the daughter’s hair!

  3. I am a BIG SCRUNCHIE PROPONENT. I don’t understand the anti-scrunchie people. THEY WORK! They don’t tangle my LONG THICK HAIR! And, as you pointed out, YOU CAN FIND THEM. My name is Leigh and I am not afraid to say that I LOVE SCRUNCHIES.

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