That Hopeless Moment Every Make-Up Girl Knows Too Well…

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That moment where you see it. The little glimmering glimpse peeking from your compact.

You think to yourself, “Just move to the outer edges. There’s still plenty of product here.”

You take extra care to only put your brush in the edges knowing it’s futile. The damage is already done. 


That Hopeless Moment Every Make-Up Girl Knows Too Well…

“How did I use so much more of this color than I did all the rest?”

It will never be even now.

You can’t travel with this compact. If you accidentally drop it, you know what happens.

“I’ll just pretend like it didn’t happen and just use it normally.”

What are you? A psychopath? It will never be normal again.

“Should I just throw the whole thing in the trash?”

A ridiculous thought. Of course not. That’s wasteful and there’s still plenty of product left.

This is hard-to-find makeup anyway. Not impossible, but not easy.

“Plus I still have all the colors in here. Why did they make that color so good anyway? It’s the perfect transition eyeshadow.”

You could just try and find that one color in a bigger container.

“There’s no convenience in that. I’ll never use it.”

Hopeless. Helpless. You hit pan. Your day can only get better from there, because as every makeup girl knows, hitting pan is worse than hitting rock bottom.

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