Rock A Glittery Lip Without Looking Like A Toddler

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Did you know that glitter lips are back in? I know, right? All of my Britney Spears pre-teen dreams are coming true and the only way I know how to handle it is by reminiscing about my blueberry scented Bath & Body Works Roll-On Glitter and taking full advantage of the glitter madness before it becomes a fashion NO again next year. Yes, I know I will probably look back at the photos and lol all the way to the old folks home, but for now, lets rock that glittery lip without looking like a toddler.

how to glitter lips



Always, ALWAYS use cosmetic glitter for anything near your face. Cosmetic glitter is made of plastic and has rounded edges that are approved for use near the mouth and eyes. Craft glitter is metal and sometimes glass with sharp edges that can cause you to LOSE AN EYE. No I’m not kidding. It’s happened. Google it if you dare.

Promise? Ok.

rock a glitter lip

Start out with a creamy lipstick. This one is from Maybelline and it’s called Nude Lust. Where do makeup companies come up with this? Like do they sit in a board room and brainstorm this craziness? Anyways…

How to Glitter Lips

Slap that lipstick on. Business as usual.

Nyx Glitter

I chose a glitter that was close in color to my lipstick choice. This is from Nyx and it’s called Rose Pink.

How to rock glitter lips without looking Like A toddler

Tap some glitter into the cap of the packaging, and use your finger to pat the glitter on over top. This is going to be a little tedious. Don’t worry if you get it everywhere. We’ll fix that in a little bit.


Use a piece off tape to pick up all those pesky stray glitters

Glitter lips

And that’s it! I paired this glittery lip with a neutral eye, so it stayed in “oh cool glitter lips!’ territory and not “dang that’s a sexy drag queen” zone.

Check out our glitter lips tutorial on YouTube!

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