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The Hime Is The New Haircut Trend Taking Social Media By Storm And I Love It

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There is a haircut that is taking the WORLD by storm right now — at least the world of TikTok and social media — and it is called the Hime Haircut.

I have to say, I rather like this look, unlike some of the other trends that are going on right now — I’m looking at YOU long fake toenails.

This look leaves the hair on the back of the head long, and layers up the front of the hair.

NO, I’m not talking about a mullet. I’m talking about something stylish and pretty.

Not that I don’t think you’re stylish and pretty if you have a mullet.

But, this Hime Haircut has been around for CENTURIES.

This flattering cut dates back to Japanese royalty many, MANY years ago.

The Hime, or princess cut, is named for the noblewomen who would have originally worn the style and was popularized during the Heian period of Japanese history, 794 to 1185

Rachael Gibson, historian

It has really made a resurgence this year, and I LOVE it!!

If you watch shows like the Grammys, you have FOR SURE seen this cut on the television screen.

Now, of course, you could go to your local hair cutting professional, and ask them to give you a Hime Haircut.

Or, if you are REALLY brave, this cut is ALL OVER TikTok, and you can learn to cut your locks yourself.

Just search up “Hime Haircut,” and you’ll get everything you are looking for to give yourself this easy, stylish cut.

And, then I want to see ALL the pictures of your new hairstyle!

You can go to the Totally The Bomb Squad site on Facebook, and post your pictures.

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