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The Last Day I Wore Pants… (A LuLaRoe Love Story)

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I remember my last day wearing jeans.

It was the week PokemonGo became the thing to do.

We’d planned our first big, group hunting expedition and I was really worried that my newly found love of LuLaRoe leggings would run way too hot given the extreme Texas heat. So to be safe I opted to wear jeans and my super cute, brand new Star Trek shirt.

An hour into our hunting expedition I was singing my regrets.


The Last Day I Wore Pants… (A LuLaRoe Love Story)

You see, I’d become spoiled. Spoiled by Publishing Pants (the name which I’ve come to call all of my LuLaRoe leggings since it’s just about all I wear). My jeans always fit great…the first hour I’m wearing them. After that hour, unless they’re slicked on, spandex skinny jeans, they’ve stretched to a completely different size and even if I wear a belt they will slid totally off my body leaving me with my butt in the wind.

That’s happened on a few occasions, and I’m a girl with hips and a booty.

A couple hours into our hunt and dear lord, if I could just get some relief from the chafing, sweaty, way too freaking hot jeans I swore I’d never give up my Publishing Pants ever again!

A friend of mine took this photo of me sitting on a curb, lost in the middle of town. Yes, it looks a little like a panda bear on my back and yes, I’m just about to lose my pants. Again.

I haven’t worn jeans since that day. No lie. I’ve been a leggings all the way kind of girl. Last I counted I own over 40 pairs and I refuse to actually put a figure down on paper or bother to count them besides how many hangers I need to dry them.

See, I’m one of those people who needs to keep 3 or 4 different sizes of jeans on hand because I can fluctuate in size a lot. It’s a pain in the butt to figure out what size I am today, what I can or can’t wear. Since discovering LuLaRoe I no longer have to feel shame about my body, the way it changes or much of anything. I can put on just about the same pair of leggings no matter what phase of the month I’m in and be fine, cute and comfortable.

Seriously, if you haven’t given LuLaRoe leggings a whirl, you should. For $25 it’s a small investment and a huge return.

As of today I’ve culled my closet of over a dozen pairs of jeans. Right now I think I have 3-5. Maybe. Because honestly, life is too short to be uncomfortable or wear boring clothes. Live life in color, all of them, and maybe all at once.


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