Thoughtfully Thinking of The Holidays

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Gifts that require some thought are the best ones. You literally are taking a moment of time (that you cannot get back) to think about what to get someone for a gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? I also think it’s the gift that counts too. Thinking about and then choosing the perfect gift for someone, is priceless. That is why I challenge you to be Thoughtfully Thinking of The Holidays. In fact, we are partnering with Gigasavvy today to share just how you can get that perfect gift for the holiday season.


Thoughtfully Thinking of The Holidays

So here we are, just a few short weeks away from Christmas. Now is the time to be actively thinking about what to get everyone on your list. A gift card won’t suffice, it seems to impersonal. How about a gift box? But what to place inside?

I’ve got it!

A gift box already filled with everyone one needs to rock a recipe or even throw a small get together.

That where we are landing Santa’s sleigh today… in the land of Thoughtfully!

What is Thoughtfully? 

Thoughtfully is a company dedicated to creating stories through gifts, and has the most beautiful gift boxes you’ll ever see in your life.

Thoughtfully began with the founder’s passion for food and his love to explore. He captured aspects of his adventures (the design, the fashion, the lifestyle, the flavors) and put them into a box.  A gift box!  Allowing people to gift something meaningful and authentic to those that they love and care about the most.

At Thoughtfully they believe that a gift should last long after the beautiful wrappings have been torn away. A truly thoughtful gift is not just a gesture but a memorable experience. I totally agree!

Thoughtfully Gift Ideas:

When I heard about Thoughtfully it was something I had to try. I ended up choosing 3 different boxes and all of them were more amazing that I thought they would be!

The first one was moscow’s finest – A Moscow Mule Lover’s Gift Set. It came with: Two Moscow Mule Mugs, Two Paper Coasters, A Glass Cocktail Shaker, Matryoshka Jigger, Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Moscow Mule Syrup, and Candied Ginger.

Basically an amazing gift for anyone that likes to have a good drink from home! I actually want to keep the shaker and moscow mule mugs for myself!


The next one I ordered was the cocktail ornaments – A Cocktail Lover’s Gift Set. Now these are ADORABLE. Aside from this box making a great gift from one person, you could also purchase it, send it to yourself then gift out the different ornaments. There are 6 total so you can make 6 different gifts out of it. Each one comes individually wrapped in fabric with a cute gift tag on the outside. How fun!


The last box I received has to be my favorite. Why? Because, Mermaids! The lady-fish fete – A Cocktail Lover’s Gift Set. It has everything you need to make a cocktail fit for a Mermaid. Actually, more like several Mermaids. thoughtfully3 thoughtfully4

Isn’t that adorable? Here is what it looks like put together:


Aside from the 3 I received, they have dozens of differently themed boxes perfect for anyone and any occasion. The prices range depending on which box you purchase but every order receives free shipping! Isn’t that awesome?

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Thoughtfully Website and get shopping for this year’s most amazing gift boxes. Your friends and family are going to love them!

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