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Mini Ulta Stores Are Popping Up Inside Target And Now I’ll Never Leave

Target. It’s already the store that sucks you in and you lose track of time and buy everything. Now it’s going to get even worse…and by that I mean BETTER!)


Now, Ulta Beauty is going to start opening mini cosmetic stores inside of Targets. I will never want to leave.


Target is expected to bring around 50 of Ulta’s prestige brands to Target’s beauty department, including MAC, IT Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and many more.

Eventually, over 800 Target locations will feature an ULTA shop inside.

The Ulta section will be with the Target beauty sections and will have Ulta Beauty team members to assist customers as well!

The best part? You can combine your benefits of both Target Circle and ULTAmate Rewards. 

Target RedCard holders will also receive an extra 5% discount on their purchases, just as they would in any other department of the store!

You’ll also be able to use Target’s free 2 day delivery on the Ulta products.

I’m beyond sold on this. They are starting this up in August!