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You know what is weird… when you have a friend who is a great friend, you know.. one of the best friends you have EVER had… and then… all of the sudden you just aren’t friends anymore because you move away from each other… that is all it takes… one moves… and bam… you aren’t friends anymore… sure you go through the motions for a little while, and you still TELL people that she is your best friend for quite a while… but the truth of the matter is… you haven’t talked to each other in a month… and when you do it is a quick email or pm here and there… nothing of substance, just “How’s your kid, oh mine is great.”

I guess that is just how it has to be sometimes… before you know it, you have moved onto a whole new group of friends… a group that lives closer… you might not see each other every day, but have the OPTION to… so you are just generally better friends.

It is always so hard for me to make the switch… you know… to not calling them your best friend, and then calling your friend who really IS your best friend your best friend… it takes a little while to make that happen.

The suck part is that you will never have that other friendship again… even if they move back… you have grown apart, and that is all there is to it. Friendship… what a weird thing!

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