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This Company Will Pay You $5000 to Live in a Scottish Castle While Drinking All The Coffee You Want

I have the most AMAZING news EVER for coffee drinkers everywhere.

Even if you DON’T drink coffee, pretend you do — because this is going to involve a SCOTTISH CASTLE, spa treatments, and a crazy amount of royal food.

Gevalia coffee — famous for their gold packaging — is going to crown one QUEEN OF GEVALIA on December 30. The winner gets a WEEK in Scottish Castle, Carlowrie.

Via Gevalia

The best news — all week long, you get ALL the coffee you can drink for FREE. Sign me up NOW!

Via Gevalia Coffee Queen

The newly named Queen will travel to Scotland the week of March 22, 2020 through March 28, 2020. My math skillz are admittedly lacking, but that is a full seven days!

Gevalia is taking applications and could send you to a real castle to literally live like royalty for a whole week. Our crowned winner will enjoy spa treatments, award-winning catering, all the delicious coffee drinks their heart desires, and maybe a surprise or two along the way!

Via Gevalia Coffee Queen
Via Gevalia

It takes all of 30 seconds to submit an application to win this amazing prize, and you may do so right HERE.

You will even get a $5000 “salary” for the week. Not too shabby.

Via Gevalia Coffee Queen

Word is, you will also have a butler. Can I bring him home with me? I’d enter the contest just to have the butler — and the coffee.

Via Gevalia

The winner will be chosen December 21, so go enter NOW! You don’t want to miss out on this contest. I’ll be honest, I already signed up.

Love coffee? Go Check out this coffee that everyone SWEARS by. It is actually made from the poop of the Asian palm civet. It’s supposed to be amazing. I’ll have to trust you on that.

Donna Collins

Wednesday 18th of December 2019

I want to do this how do I sign up to live in the Scottish Castle and drink coffee.