This Substitute Teacher Told A Class Of 1st Graders That Santa Isn’t Real

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What in the eggnog and candy canes is happening in Brooklyn right now?

A substitute teacher just sealed his spot on the naughty list by telling a classroom full of first graders that there IS NO SANTA.

First of all, there IS a Santa. I’ve met him.

Second, what kind of cotton-headed-ninny-muggins has to ruin the Christmas season for a bunch of first graders by deciding it’s his job to tell these kids that Santa doesn’t exist?

I would be absolutely livid. Not only did this substitute teacher diss on Santa Claus, he brought down the Tooth Fairy, too.

I’m sure he felt he was justified in his reasoning, but there is absolutely NO REASON that makes it okay to squash the imaginations and dreams of a classroom full of kids.

I feel kinda like this man’s inner child needs a hug. He must be hella-fun at parties.

Don’t worry, the principal at P.S. 321 has assured parents that this substitute will not return to classroom 1-216 again.

Call me insane, but shouldn’t this dude be fired?

He just completely violated any trust I have in the substitute system for this district. I mean, are they THAT hard up for substitute teachers that they have to keep Mr. Grinch going to classrooms? Come on, Park Slope school district, do better.

Just weeks before Christmas, and you have parents scrambling to explain to their kids why this teacher is getting coal in his stocking for Christmas.

While completely upset at the situation, the parents are trying to explain to their kids that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs — no matter how wrong they may be*.

I wish I could just give all these kids a hug, and have a giant Christmas party in their honor! We could drink hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies, and write all kinds of letters to Santa — because he IS real, Mr. Grinchy substitute teacher!

*I added that last little part.

Happy Santa Claus opening his Christmas gift at North Pole

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