Michigan Fairgoers Stepped In To Save The Day When A Carnival Ride Almost Tipped Over While People Were On It

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I love a good carnival, however, most of the time it’s a bit sketchy right?

I mean they set up those rides so fast and they are repeatedly taken apart and put back together, makes me nervous, but does not prevent me from going.

It also doesn’t prevent me from allowing my kids to enjoy the rides, but this story is a bit scary and I know there are probably many more like it, however… we’re still going to do carnivals because we’re living life over here.

So up in my home state of Michigan, there was nearly a disaster!

philip lewis – Twitter

A ride called the Magic Carpet Ride is set up at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan.

The ride was in full swing and the base started rocking wildly and passengers were yelling for help because they, of course, were terrified!

At that moment I am sure people on the ground were feeling helpless, I mean… what do you do?

philip lewis – Twitter

Well only took one person to make a difference and get everyone into action!

philip lewis – Twitter

One person ran over to the base and jumped up on it to add weight, then several others also jumped on when they realized what the plan was.

philip lewis – Twitter

By doing this they added needed weight to prevent the ride from tipping over!

I love hearing stories like this, where people are brave and step in to help instead of just making a video, although one bystander did still manage to capture the heroes of the day!


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