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Here’s The Schedule For ‘Shark Week’ 2021 And How To Watch For Free!

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Finally, it’s time for Shark Week and I am so excited!

Discovery Channel

Sunday, July 11th, starting at 8 PM, Shark Week returns to the Discovery Channel.

There will be 28 specials that air during the one-week celebration of all things shark-related.

If you don’t have cable, no worries, I’ll tell you how you can still watch if you have cut the cable cord in your home.

First, let me show you the schedule for Shark Week 2021, then I will tell you how you can watch Shark Week specials without having cable.

Sunday, July 11th

8 p.m.: Crikey! It’s Shark Week

9 p.m: Tiffany Haddish Does Shark Week

10 p.m.: Jackass Shark Week

11 p.m.: Josh Gates Tonight

Monday, July 12th

8 p.m.: Air Jaws: Going For Gold

9 p.m: Jaws Awakens: Phred vs. Slash

10 p.m.: Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek

11 p.m.: Josh Gates Tonight

Tuesday, July 13th

8 p.m.: MotherSharker

9 p.m: Brad Paisley’s Shark Country

10 p.m.: The Spawn of El Diablo

11 p.m.: Josh Gates Tonight

Wednesday, July 14th

8 p.m.: MechaShark

9 p.m: The Real Sharknado

10 p.m.: Return to Lair of the Great White

11 p.m.: Josh Gates Tonight

Thursday, July 15th

8 p.m.: Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Shark Week

9 p.m: Sharkadelic Summer 2

10 p.m.: Mega Jaws of Bird Island

11 p.m.: Josh Gates Tonight

Friday, July 16th

8 p.m.: Ninja Sharks: Mutants Rising

9 p.m: Monster Sharks of Andros Island

10 p.m.: Mystery of the Black Demon Shark

11 p.m.: I Was Prey: Terrors Of The Deep 2

Saturday, July 17th

8 p.m.: Return To Shark Vortex

9 p.m: Shark Week Best In Show

10 p.m.: I Was Prey: Shark Week 2021

Sunday, July 18th

10 p.m.: Shark Academy

How to watch without cable service

So, as promised, here is how you can still watch Shark Week without cable…

You can live stream Shark Week on Fubo TV or Philo, both of these streaming services offer free trials and offer the Discovery Channel!!

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