Watch Samuel L. Jackson Read ‘Stay the F**k at Home’ on Jimmy Kimmel

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Remember when that book called Go the F**K to Sleep came out? It was written by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortés.

Then Samuel L. Jackson read it on YouTube and it went crazy!?

Well, if you missed that one you can watch it below. But that isn’t what this post is about.

Samuel L. Jackson was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut the book’s sequel.

This sequel is about practicing social distancing and staying home to fit with the current times.

It’s called Stay the F**k at Home!

People thought that would be the perfect time to bring that back. I got a call the other day from Adam Mansbach, the guy that wrote the original Go the F**k to Sleep, and we talked about what we could do to remind people of social distancing and where we are in these times now. So he wrote a new poem, I read it and we want to present it to the public right now.

Samuel L. Jackson told Jimmy Kimmel

I have to admit this is pretty hilarious and I do love Samuel L. Jackson!

In fact, this is my favorite GIF to use on Facebook…


So send your kids out of the room, or put on some headphones and enjoy! This is for adults only!

Now technically I’m not a doctor/But motherf**ckers listen when I read a poem/So here I am, Sam F**cking Jackson/ Imploring you: Keep your ass at home.

Samuel L. Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live


doing your part to flatten the curve because that shit is steep.

Samuel L. Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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