10 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know About, But Totally Need!

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There are so many times I’m in the kitchen and think to myself, “Man, I wish someone would invent THIS…” So, yesterday I was making toast and thinking that again when my friend told me, “You know there’s a see-through toaster, right?” No. Freakin’. Way. I’m telling you, I’ve never been so excited about a kitchen discovery before in my life as I was finding out about the see-through toaster (which, btdubs, I totes already bought one). So THEN I was thinking, “I wonder what OTHER things are out there?” Guys, GUYS! I have 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know About, But Totally Need! I mean, yeah, you can keep on popping the toast up and checking it every few seconds like a chump, but not me. I GOT that toaster, and I’ve added a few of these other items to my cart, too. Lookout, payday, my kitchen’s getting an upgrade!

t rex spaghetti measurer

10 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know About, But Totally Need!

1. This is the one, guys! The see-through toaster that started all the shenanigans. Honestly, I’ve never danced around my computer the way I did upon finding this beauty. I don’t know how I’ve survived all these years without this. I can (sadly) count the number of times I nearly died from trying to pop the toast to see if it’s toasted, and then having to dig it out because it didn’t pop. Now, I’ll be able to see if it’s toasted AND I won’t have to worry about the fam complaining about the shade of brown…because they can literally watch it cook!

see-through toaster


2. If you’re like me, you think cutting pizza with a pizza cutter is for chumps. I mean, who thought it was a good idea to put a sharp knife-like thingie in a circle shape and roll it over pizza? I mean, I’m lucky to still have fingers is all I’m saying. These Pizza scissors are TOTALLY THE BOMB! They not only cut the pizza (without the round finger-slicing knife), but also serve it up to the plate! I’m in lurve…

pizza scissors

3. So I finally figured it out…I’m not fat because I eat too much, I eat too much because I don’t have a great way to seal the bag and I don’t want to waste anything. So, I’m not fat; I’m frugal! And with this bag resealer I will lose my excuse to eat an entire bag of Lays in one sitting. This is the gadget I’ve been waiting for my entire life.

bag resealer

4. How many times have you tried to put spaghetti sauce, or gravy, or even sliced vegetables into a zipper bag only to have the entire thing spill out onto the floor? IT’S THE WORST! Thank Goodness someone figured out a way to hold that baggie in place so you can pour in peace! It’s like a second set of hands, but without the grumbling.

baggy holder

5. I love cupcakes, but I’ve never been a huge fan of making them. See, they spill basically everywhere as you try to get the batter from the measuring cup into the cupcake holders. Every. Stinkin’. Time. Only, with these flexible silicone measuring cups, the cups can be squeezed to act as a spout to pour that batter! This is another one I can’t wait to get my hands on…I’ve got a pistachio and dark chocolate cupcake recipe that’s been calling my name!

flexible measuring cup

6. When I make pasta, I make enough to feed a village. A hungry village. And it isn’t that I mean to, I just have no idea how to measure pasta for how many people are eating. Believe it or not, T-Rex is on his way to save that village from gluttony! This whimsically fabulous t-rex pasta measurer will tell you exactly how much pasta to make for how many people you’re feeding…and if you’re wondering, t-rex himself is big enough to feed a family of four.

t rex spaghetti measurer

7. Cock-a-doodle-doo, this rooster spoon holder is here to save you – from counter splatter. Every single time I cook something in a pot, I end up with spoon juice all over the counter, the floor, and running down the corner of my mouth (that might be another problem entirely). This spoon holder lets you stir the, um, whatever it is you’re cooking and then store the spoon right on the side of the pot! No counter messiness. The mouth drool is still on you, though. Sorry.

rooster spoon holder


8. So, not many people know this, but the crazy cat lady starter kit comes with: four kittens, brightly colored hair dye, every cat sleuthing murder mystery ever written, and this cat egg mold. Technically this isn’t a need, unless you’re a crazy cat lady. Or man. Or person. Or if you just really enjoy having funny amazing things in your kitchen. Which, I do. Also, I only have three cats, so I’m not full-on crazy cat lady just yet.

cat eggs sunny side up

9. If you love drinking wine, but just can’t ever get the bottles open without cork bits ending up floating in it, this electric cork screw is for YOU! No more pretending you only drink on holidays and hiding the boxes of wine when you have a lil’ someone-someone come over. Now you can get the cheap stuff that looks like the good stuff and wiggle your eyebrows as you press that button and let that corkscrew work its magic.

electric cork screw

10. Every Thanksgiving my family plays a game of roulette…with the turkey. The guys all puff out their chests, rub their beards, and go outside with a beer in one hand and the turkey in the other. We women-folk never know if they’ll make it back or if this will be the year of the great fried turkey fire of aught-whenever. Well, NO MORE! This woman-folk is calling it. This year instead of cooking the turkey in the fryer outside and praying the entire house doesn’t burn down, we’re going to use an electric INDOOR turkey fryer! I am SO EXCITED! I love turkey and would eat it year round if it were easier to cook. THIS should let me do just that. And no fire.

indoor electric turkey fryer

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  1. The electric cork screw link goes to the cat egg mold.

  2. Great post Mary! The Pizza Scissors and the t-rex pasta measurer looks very interesting and I will absolutely add them to my wish list! I think that you can also add herb scissors to this list.

    I use this kind of scissors every day and they save me lots of time in the kitchen. There are many options to choose from on Amazon under $15 (I personally bought the Chefast Herb Scissors and they work great) so I think that this can be a very nice and reasonably priced kitchen gadget to add to your list 🙂

    Thanks again for this great post!