Every Tuesday Through October is $5 Movie Day at AMC Theatres

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Unlike gasoline, movie tickets are going down in price.

Alongside the big screen, moviegoers can count on not only tickets being lowered, but the salty snacks and cold drinks will also be sold at a discounted price!

It looks like the living room television will be unplugged for a while.

And surprisingly, there’s only one catch.

Courtesy of AMC

To get five dollar movie tickets and five dollar refreshments, you have to be an AMC Stubs program member but, the membership is free to join!

Dubbed Discount Tuesdays, AMC Theatres have decided to lower movie ticket prices, Cameo-size Coca-Cola Freestyle sodas, Cameo-size popcorn, and 21-ounce Icees to just $5 at participating locations.

With the membership, big screen fanatics can earn points towards a $5 reward, refills on large popcorns, free popcorn while celebrating your birthday, and no fees included for online ticket purchases.

Comfy lounge chairs, the big screen, and five dollar movie tickets, snacks, and drinks starting today and every Tuesday at AMC Theatres all day long through October!

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