The Age Old Question…

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I know what you’re thinking here…

It’s the chicken/egg thing–right?

Nope. I don’t actually care which came first. I don’t really like eggs all that much, although I do think they’re a cool shape.

What I do want to know is this:

Are you a Ninja or a Pirate?

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  1. Feel like I would be considered a pirate.

    Loud, opinionated, stubborn.. definitely not quiet and stealth like a ninja…
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Mix Tape No. 3 =-.

    1. @Lindsay, I definitely think that qualifies you as pirate material 🙂

  2. Well, though I’ve heard that girls like bow-staff skills and nunchuck skills, I really have to say I’d be a pirate–at least I know how to spell the names of their weapons…and really, that’s what this is all about–spelling. Right?

  3. I’d be a pirate if Johnny Depp were my captain! But I think pirates are forthcoming with what they want and how they get it. I’d rather get everything I deserved and needed with some blood, sweat and tears. Ninjas are sneaky lil’ devils. I am not sneaky. In fact, whenever I’m trying to be sneaky, I fail. If a squeak happens when I’m tip-toeing, I’ll often look down at my feet and whisper, “Shhhhhhh!” :/

    Ninjas are also logical.