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McDonalds Wants Us To Eat Like Olympians?

I’m watching the super hot snowboarders women’s ski race today when a McDonald’s commercial comes on. They’re an official partner of the Olympic games, and that’s no big surprise because they’ve pretty much been involved with the games as long as I can remember. Then their slogan comes across the screen:

McDonalds. Eat Like An Olympian.

Um, what? Apparently, if I go to McDonald’s get some of their limited edition dipping sauce for my McNuggets, then it’s like I’m training for the Olympic Gold. Okay, I’m a grown woman and I know that is a bunch of bull, but my four year old looked up at me and said, “Mom, you’re wrong about nuggets not being healthy! If those sports people eat them, then they must be good for you!”

Yeah, McDonalds seriously undid all the work I’ve done to try to convince her that we don’t have to have every Happy Meal toy ever made.

What’s a mom supposed to do with these commercials, and why the hell is McDonalds getting away with this? I’m glad they’re sponsoring the olympics or whatever, but I could do without them trying to convince my child that if she eats a McRib, then she’s Kerri freakin’ Strug.

Screw you Ronald.

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