5 Things I Blame On Being A YA Writer

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So, I blame a lot of stuff I do every day on the fact that I write for teens. I figure it’s time to come clean. Truthfully, I love all this stuff. 🙂

  1. Online Gaming – I love playing games with friends. So much so, that my new character has a bit of an online gaming internet addiction. So I like to blame the fact that I spent most of last night perfecting my drum solo in a Beatle’s song on the fact that I really need to BE this character and understand where she’s coming from.
  2. Talking Like a Teenager – I’m for serious peeps. Occasionally, I’ll catch my self saying (out loud) O-M-G or W-T-F, and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. So if you cool cats want to get jazzy tonight, I’ll hot dog it on over to the speakeasy and we can 23-skidoo!
  3. Pink Hair, Blue Nails, and Whatever the else crap I want to wear – Okay, so when you get all grown up you’re supposed to stop dressing like you’re fifteen, but I was way too big of a wimp at fifteen to dress the way I wanted, so instead I just do it now.
  4. Being Plugged In All The Time – I love being on the internet. Browsing Reddit all day, checking out the latest fads on the GeekSugar, Twittering, Reading Blogs, Watching Live Stream Videos… it’s all so fun. But, who the heck has time for all that stuff unless it’s part of their JOB to check it out. Well, I have to keep up with the trends, don’t I?
  5. Reading piles and piles of YA Books – You have no idea just how cool it is to buy up like very book in the whole store and then attribute it all to research. It’s amazing.

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  1. I can totally relate! I have three teens and one eleven year old, so dialogue in my YA book is never a problem.

    I hated being a teen the first time around. Kind of funny that I grew up to LOVE YA books and write YA. I do the dressing like a kid thing to. I know I’m way to old, but who gets to make those rules, right?

    So, you read a lot of YA. Have you read the Wake series? (Lisa McMann). I’m meeting her next week and interviewing her for my website. SO excited!!

    1. @Callie Forester, I haven’t read that series yet, but you’re like the sixth person in two weeks to tell me to read it. So… I must do as I’m told. 🙂

      1. @Jamie, They were really good.I’ll be posting the interview with Lisa on my website sometime around the 27th. I’m interviewing her on the 24th so I’m hoping to have it all transcribed by then.

        I just got done Shiver by Maggie Steifvater as well. It shot up to the top of my favorite book list. 🙂 I’d highly recommend it! She’s next on my list of authors I’m dying to interview. 🙂

  2. So…quick question:
    Can you also blame your fascination with Wolfman lithographs on YA? Or do you just like that junk for real?
    .-= @jmartinlibrary´s last blog ..COURAGE =-.

  3. Nice post! I love that you think like a Teen….Nothing wrong with staying young, is there?
    .-= Sara Broers´s last blog ..Can I move that way? =-.

  4. So. Totally. Right. Love writing & thinking like a teen. Takes me back *sigh*.
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..I so love Beaker =-.

  5. Awesome post! I totally agree, though I think I would probably do these things even if I didn’t write YA… ;P