5 People I’d Beat Up

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I’ve been thinking a lot about super powers lately. Yeah, I know that most of you probably don’t spend a lot of your spare time sitting around thinking about what you’d do if you had special powers. (Or maybe you do, and that’s why you’re here. In that case, wanna go for coffee? I’m buying.)

I still don’t know what I’d want my super power to be. I mean, there are just so many really cool and endless possibilities, but what I do know is if I were in high school and I was the lowly picked on uber geek like we always read about in our favorite YA adventures, and I woke up with super strength or whatever–dude I’d have some serious butt to kick.

Yeah, that’s right–I wouldn’t be one of those boring hero-types that say around hiding my powers or what have you. I’d pwn some people.

  1. The Bully: Okay, this is a no brainer. But, that guy still deserves to get his butt kicked into next week. He preys on the innocent, and what the hell kind of super power having person would I be if I didn’t give that guy a piece of my mind?
  2. The Super Smart Girl: Oh, but she’s smart. Why on earth would you want to beat her up? Because she’s been sitting at the front of the class wrecking the curve and knowing all the answers to questions. I hate this girl, not because I want to be her or anything, but because she’s just so right all the time.
  3. The Snotty Cheerleader: Why? Dude, we’re talking about a nerdy geek here who’s been picked on for years. The thing about that typical cheerleader type is they go two ways in books. They’re either super nice and awesome, or they’re complete bitches. I’m not saying I’d kick the butt of the nice girl. It’s the mean one I want to take down with my yet to be determined powers.
  4. The Pretty Boy: That seems like a bad idea to some of you, because chances are he has his own set of problems, what with being the pretty boy and all that, but I am still ging to pwn him based solely on the fact that he’s prettier than me.
  5. The Drum Major: Oh man, when I lay the smack down this is going to be my favorite. She’s bossy, and probably best friends with #2, but I don’t even care. She’s like the leader of the nerds, and that alone is enough for her to go down–but I have other reasons. You see, I was a bass drum playing band geek myself, and I’ve spent many a Texas summer standing at attention wishing more than anything I could just take my drumstick and shove it right–

Whoa… this list got more personal than I intended it to. So, on that note–I want to know:

Who would you beat up?

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  1. Dont feel bad for that kinda guy. they are the reason those mean girls exist.. cause they LET THEM do stuff like that.. Iguess it’s not soo bad if they grow out of it.

    Did you get a chance to watch that show yet???
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Playing Catchup =-.

  2. Pitty we don’t live nearer Jammie, I’d love that coffee and the chit chat about super powers!.
    I didn’t suffer much at high school. Wasn’t part of the cool gang but we got a group of our own and didn’t really worry much about the others around us. LOL.
    I did hate some of the popular girls gang, the ones that asked the boy I had a crush on to do their homework and he just did because they were cute. He was kind of geeky very techy and quite smart, but didn’t see through them. LOL.
    I’d definitively kick their ass.
    .-= Anna Serra i Vidal´s last blog ..Loving my books this year! =-.

  3. ohh.. forgot to ask.. do you watch My Life as Liz??? Starting to love that show.. although the girl is pretty enough to NOT be that girl.. its Daria meets My So-Called Life.. Cute, funny.. cool clothes
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Playing Catchup =-.

      1. @Jamie, You seriously have not seen it?! Its really great.. again a little unbelievable that the girl is all that “dorky” but none the less AWESOME. Its shot in a very “reality tv” style but its not.

        Let me know what you thinkabout it. there are already 3 episodes out there..
        .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Playing Catchup =-.

  4. I think a lot of us had the same experience in HS. I was the band geek for the first couple years turned goth freak the last years..

    I am definitely all about kicking the ass of miss Richy Rich who was in the DOMINO’S commercial and was miss CT Teen USA. Bleh she made me sick – so mean.. SOOOO MEAN.

    But the one I would love to add is the younger male teacher who totally doted on the snotty hot chicks. Our was also the softball coach and although it sounds illegal, he would frlit and play with all the pretty girls and leave the ones who didn’t flirt and kiss his ass in on the bench.. or when we were in class, he actually PARTOOK in making fun of the nerdy girls. Then there was a female teacher who was the same. Captain of the football teach got to walk out of her Trig. classes and do his “work” in the study hall down the hallway while the rest of us got picked on regularly by this same battle axe.
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Playing Catchup =-.

    1. @Lindsay, oh my gosh! YES! That teacher that was cooler than me. My guess is he was a TOTAL nerd in high school!

      But you are so right about Richt rich… we had this guy that did commercials for his dad. ugh. ANNOYING!
      .-= Jamie´s last blog ..5 People I’d Beat Up =-.

  5. I took complete advantage of the awkward teen phase. We were poor, I was fat and nerdy with a bad case of acne. Yep. My ass? Had a permanent “kick me” sign on it. Sigh.

    So, although my list is a long one, I’d totally take out the super popular, super rich, super bitchy “IT” girl (my HS actually had a couple of these) and I’d take out the annoying “I’ll be nice to you while no one is around but treat you like dirt if anyone happens to glance our way” cute jock guy. Yeah. I’d really like to lay some smack on him too!
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..Another Year, Another Award, Another Blog Entry =-.

    1. @Rhonda, I really can’t believe I forgot super cute jock guy!

      I wonder if it’s beacuse of a secret crush I’m still harboring HA!
      .-= Jamie´s last blog ..5 People I’d Beat Up =-.

  6. That’s a common phenomenon, though – there’s almost always that one nemesis where the sexual tension makes you want to throw the fight!

    It’s just one of the many risks of superpowering around.
    .-= dogimo´s last blog ..I Want My Own Superbowl Ad =-.

  7. All of these kind of sound like either super hero or villain names already. You’ve got a tailor-made nemesis squad! Super Smart Girl would lead them, Bully would provide the muscle, Snooty Cheeleader would hurl her battle-poms to devastating effect while Drum Major concusses with rhythmic blasts and Pretty Boy circles, looking for an opening.

    That’s all Pretty Boy pretty much ever does.
    .-= dogimo´s last blog ..I Want My Own Superbowl Ad =-.

  8. The pretty athlete who thinks clubs have no point and only dates cheerleaders that dont know what there talking about
    that’s who I would beat up


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