You Can Get An Among Us Starbucks Cup And It Sounds Quite Sus

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Among is has been sweeping the world of gamers. As soon as I downloaded it on my phone, I was playing for HOURS. And then I got my husband hooked. Whoops.

If you have ever played with an Ello or a Severus, there’s a good chance it was me. And I make a horrible imposter. But I’m trying to get better. If you haven’t played this addicting game yet, check out my review on My Obsession With Among Us!

So of course, since this is the big hit of the year, there are all sorts of among us gear, just in time for Christmas! And this cup is AMAZING. I want one. Now.


Isn’t this adorable? Or cool? Or whatever you call something you want! You can even get it customized with your name, stating that you are not the imposter!


Not gonna lie, I’m a bit obsessed. I want to get one for me and my husband. And drink coffee white staying up late playing the game…again. It’s just so addicting!


These are available on Etsy in a store called RubysBloomingCreates and this cup is only $16! This would be great for anyone who is an Among Us fan, teens and adults alike! (I’ll take one! Pick me!)


So run over to Etsy and grab one while you can! Because I am pretty sure these are going to sell out fast. And I may be a little sus as to why…


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