I Am Obsessed With The ‘Among Us’ Game And It’s Literally All I Want To Do

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I have always been a gamer. The love started with the original nintendo, which led to Zelda on N64, which led to World of Warcraft. I’ve always been quite the nerdy girl.

So when I heard there was a new game app that was sweeping the world, I had to, of course, try it. So what if I’m 31?

I downloaded Among Us after a friend requested we play together, and the rest is history. The first night I played it, I stayed up till 3am. And I have two toddlers who don’t understand sleeping in. Whoops.

And yes, my current name is Severus. I also have an addiction to Harry Potter. Nothing to see here.

So essential, there’s up to ten players, with one player being an imposter. The imposter has to run around and kill everyone without being caught, while the others (crewmates), have to run around and get all of their tasks done before everyone is murdered. Fun right?

The tasks could be super easy or hard, but the entire time, you’re trying not to get killed and also be a sort of detective in figuring out who is the imposter. I wanted to be a secret agent when I was little, so this game is a dream come true for me.

If someone finds a dead body, or thinks they have figured out the imposter, they can hold a meeting and vote someone off. The only problem is you could vote the wrong person off and an innocent gets floated into space.

I am telling you, this game is a BLAST. Yes, there are a lot of teenagers on there acting…well…immature. But as a whole, this game is a great getaway…and a way to release anger.

Yes, that’s me getting murdered. I let it happen for the sake of the blog. You’re welcome. Have you played Among Us yet? We should totally join a game together!

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