You Can Get Bacon Cotton Candy And I Need It

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I’m not kidding you guys! Bacon Cotton Candy exists!

Chocolate Storybook

I love cotton candy and I love bacon, so I at least have to give this a try, right? I’ve loved pretty much every combo of sweetness and bacon I have ever tried.

A combination of sweet and salty! Just what I need! This amazing combination is from Chocolate Storybook.

Fluffy and sweet, our Bacon Cotton Candy has a smoky-sweet flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Each batch is handcrafted and packed fresh.

Chocolate Storybook Co
Chocolate Storybook

This isn’t the only breakfast flavor cotton candy they have either! They also have coffee cotton candy and pancakes with maple syrup cotton candy. Oh my…

You can get a 32-ounce tub of bacon cotton candy for $4.95 on Amazon. You can also order a variety set of breakfast flavors for only $13.95.

Chocolate Storybook

They have a ton of other amazing sounding flavors and I feel like I need to try them all! These would make wonderful gifts for every cotton candy lover that you know!

Chocolate Storybook

Which flavor would you most like to try? I’m thinking the pickle cotton candy would be fun! Pickle anything is pretty awesome.

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