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This Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raised $16K For The Maui Fire Victims And I’m Crying Tears of Joy

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Edison Juel, who’s only five years old, thought it would be a great idea to host a lemonade stand for the victims of the Maui Fires.

He had no idea, when he opened his “Lemonade For Lahaina” stand, that it would raise thousands of dollars for the people of Maui.

See, Edison and his family had just visited Lahaina earlier this year, so he felt a connection to the town.

Keep in mind, this kid is FIVE. If he could feel such empathy toward a struggling town, what could we do as adults?

We were in Hawaii last week on the Big Island and we heard about the fires in Maui. And we had also been in Lahaina back in January. So we talked a lot about what was happening and the fires. And then on a family walk on Thursday night, he was like, ‘Mom, maybe we can do one of the stands?’

Ami Juel, Edison’s Mom

When they first opened the lemonade stand, Ami wasn’t sure that it would even bring in a hundred bucks.

But, as word spread, they quickly began to made hundreds of dollars.

I thought maybe we could raise $100 and didn’t know people would be so generous.

Ami Juel, Edison’s Mom

People began giving via Venmo, and the donations really started to pour in.

Ami and her husband quickly contacted their employers to see if they would match the donations.

Guess what? They said yes!!

In all, the donations were matched 3:1 by the corporate help they received through their employers.

The grand total of donations and matched funds was $16,500!!

Seriously. What can you do today? If a five year old can bring in that much money, what excuse do we have?

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