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Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are The New Trend And I Don’t Hate Them

This could only happen one time a year! The Christmas Tree Eyebrow trend is back, and it’s more festive than ever.

This quirky trend started, by all accounts, on Instagram by @taytay_xx in 2017. She seems to have boldly taken her brows to places others had never even dreamed up before.

Most people think this trend is as crazy as Nose Hair Extensions, but some people LOVE the idea of turning their fuzzy brows into Christmas trees!

Some people just go for the natural eyebrow color, decorated with festive glitter baubles.

Others go all-the-way, turning their eyebrows into a green, glittering statement!

I have to admit, the style is growing on me. Maybe the best way to spread Christmas cheer is actually blinging out your brows for all to see!

I mean, if I were going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, I think I would totally try this look. It wouldn’t turn out NEAR as cool as this, but I’d try.

Look how on-point this is! Her brows actually look like little Christmas Tree branches! I love the tiny glittered gems she has stuck in there as ornaments!

I am in totally love with the iridescent glitter this look uses under the Christmas Trees! It looks just like flurries of snow.

That’s it. Someone come help me do this to my eyebrows, because I’m totally trying it!

Would you try it, too? Come on! It’s only once a year. Be bold and daring with me!