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Danny Glover Is Santa Claus In The New Disney Holiday Heist Movie

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Is anyone else straight up giddy that it’s almost Christmas movie time?

I’m just counting down the days until it’s acceptable for me to put on a Christmas flick.

There is a new movie coming to Disney this holiday season, and it looks like it is going to be crazy good.

It stars Danny Glover as Santa Claus, and it’s about naughty kids trying to snag presents any way they can.


In the film, Andy (a naughty fifth grader) gets nothing for Christmas, even though he thinks he rightly deserves those gifts.

Andy puts together a team of 8 other naughty kids who go up to the North Pole to break into Santa’s Village.


They are going to get the gifts they think they have earned, one way or another.

Along the way, they begin to see that there is a better way onto Santa’s Nice List — and they can each do it in their own unique way.


The Naughty Nine will drop onto the Disney Channel on November 22 at 8 p.m. ET, and onto Disney+ Thanksgiving day.

You can see the trailer for The Naughty Nine below.

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